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The Studio
Professional Recording Studio in Barnsley

The Studio can handle unlimited tracks of digital audio, including effects processing and tuning.

What we offer in The Studio

Bespoke and professional music and voice recording services 

Electric Guitar Solo

Solo artists, Duos and Trios

Gospel Group




We can supply backing tracks (usually from stock), record your voice-over backing tracks, burn your work onto CD, and do artwork including photos with professional equipment, duplicate your CDs from 10 up to 10000 copies.

We have a lot of experience recording male and mixed voice choirs, we have superb equipment for outside/live recording.

Please arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

We offer the same service but for the best quality and comfort we record drums and bass for ALL the tracks you want to do, then remove them from the studio and record guitar, vocals and any other instruments latterly.

Lead Singer


Recording Studio Microphone

Royalty Free Music 

Sound Waves

CD Mastering

Ken is a songwriter and music producer and is more than happy to work with other songwriters and musicians to produce their own compositions. Regardless of the stage of your composition, even if it’s still only a vague idea. Ken can help turn that idea into a fully produced demo to send off to a record company, A & R people or just for your own collection. Artwork can be done in house, from very basic to fully-fledged Graphic Designs. Whatever you want THE STUDIO can do it.

As well as helping others write their music, here at The Studio we also produce Royalty-Free Music. This music could be for film, plays, websites, musicals or advertisements. Very realistically priced and of superb quality. 

Many people can, with the lowering cost of recording technology, make decent recordings in their own homes today. However, most will find that the end product lacks clarity and never quite sounds right when played anywhere other than the room in which it was made. The Studio has been designed to give a very flat response to our Recording and Mastering environment allowing us to balance your recordings to make them sound ‘right’ wherever you play them.


"The Studio is outstanding. State-of-the art recordings.  The Proprietor has Un tol knowledge of all Music Genre. Magnificent Guitarist and Composer. The Studio needs to be viewed to see what exactly the facilities there are to fully appreciate the set-up available. Seeing is believing."

Elaine P.

Blues Band

Working with The Studio Barnsley gives you the opportunity to use a wide range of classic and modern music equipment as well as the latest recording technology. Let's get started on creating your music!

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